About me

Welcome to Prest To COME!

Day trips and tours based in Eibar

Hello! I am Esther and I run day trips and weekends from my base in Eibar and my second home in San Sebastian to different parts of the Basque Country exploring the region of San Sebastian and Debabarrena as well as local tours of Eibar.

My trips are open to everyone but are especially designed for English speakers, as well as Spanish and Basque people. I also cater for students who want to experience as much of the Basque Country as they can during their stay in Eibar.

About me

For the past 7 years, I´ve been working and training with people from different cultural backgrounds, both public and private, in the Basque Country and the United Kingdom. This has helped me grow personally and professionally and so I am able to offer you a carefully balanced sight of this fantastic region.

My roots are in the Basque Country and so the trips reflect a passion for Basque language and Basque culture. I love travel, culture and languages, so I am always thrilled to show off the best of what Basque Country has to offer from historical cities to places of outstanding natural beauty.

My Trips

I have a range of prices to suit all budgets and offer regular trips for individuals, groups and private tours for small group bookings including Language Schools and University groups. My trips are all guided, whilst allowing freetime to explore unaccompanied.

I hope you’ll join me for a great day out!

Prest TO COME goes hand by hand with her sister-site Prest TO GO

Both Prest TO COME and Prest TO GO are linked both nationally and globally through language enabling visitors to experience different cultures, cities, outstanding beautiful countrysidesetc accompanied by personal, professional, guides.

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