Basque Country day tours

If you are seeking the best Basque Country day tours and you are interested in what to see and things to do in the Basque Country, north Spain, you are in good hands.

Your friendly, but professional guide will introduce you to the essence of our Basque Culture, its mouth-watering cuisine, its warm golden beaches, its soaring mountainous landscape and meet with its friendly local population and, in so doing, you will return home having absorbed a very unique “Basque Experience!”

Live the authentic ‘Basque Experience’

The easiest thing for us would be to suggest to you typical tourist visits to our country. However, will provide you with private guided tours in the Basque Country, which have been tailored for the traveller that likes to delve into our local life and culture. 

We want you to live the real ‘Basque Experience’. We want you to feel and taste the very basics of the Basque Culture. That’s why we offer you fully-personalized walking tours, routes and day trips into the Basque Country, with the aim of you discovering, by means of a local guide, the most authentic parts of this amazing land.

Have a close look at these Basque Country day tours (below) and get ready for visiting the Basque Country in Spain. Then you will be ready to embark on your most memorable trip-ever!

San Sebastian walking tours in Spain

San Sebastian: The jewel in North Spain

Price: 45€ per person

Date: Tuesday

Time: 11:00

Bilbao walking tours and city attractions

Bilbao: The city where the dream came true

Price: 45€ per person

Date: Wednesday

Time: 11:00

Deba: Beach&surf and Basque atmosphere in the Geopark

Price: 45€ per person

Date: Thursday

Time: 10:00

eibar city walking tours

Eibar: The reinvention of a gun manufacturing city

Price: 35€ per person

Date: Thursday

Time: 17:00

Guernica/Gernika walking tours

Gernika: The Basque symbol par excellence

Price: 45€ per person

Date: Friday

Time: 9:00

zumaia beach flysch cliffs basque coast geopark

Zumaia: Flysch cliffs in the Basque Coast Geopark

Price: 45€ per person

Date: Saturday

Time: 10:00

Sanctury of Arrate: Witness of the Spanish Civil War

Price: 25€ per person

Date: Sunday

Time: 10:30



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